Introduction of effects of ups power


Now, we all know that the current use of computers is quite common. Especially in some special occasions such as in the hospitals, if computers are shut down because of power failure or poor power supply, it may make a great impact on work. Therefore, facing so many problems, we need to use ups power and let it help us solve such problems. As a special power supply platform, it’s designed to provide customers with safe, stable and highly efficient power supply and help them solve problems such as low power supply efficiency and difficulty in expansion.

Some people may don’t know ups power and are not clear of its functions. Here we make an introduction of ups. It’s a kinds of safe power supply system and can provide users with safe and uninterruptible power supply for it’s more stable and highly efficient. Besides, it ensures that during use, there will not be work faults. During use, facing the low-efficiency and unstable power supply, its expansion feature can help us greatly and offer the best power supply solution so that we can cope with all kinds of problems brought by the grid.

Now it has been launched. There are a full range of quite practical ups power for different sizes of environment. If it truly works for everybody, it can play a very favorable role. Besides, it has many advantages such as reliability of power supply and lowered energy consumption which are quite obvious. For it’s easy to maintain and manage, it’s popular among many users. In use, it can bring use very stable uninterruptible power supply, and installation is very convenient as long as it’s installed in a ventilated place away from water.

How to use Huawei modular UPS?


With the use of computers now, especially the information age, the use of electronic products is very extensive, and it can make our lives more colorful and bring wonderful effects through application. Now with the rapid development of IT industry, during the use of computer equipment, its power supply needs continuously increase. Huawei modular UPS can provide us with quite practical effects specially solving faults that are caused by machine shutdown resulting from power failure or poor power supply, and meet our needs of power supply when using computers.

In fact, the use of Huawei modular UPS is a very novel technology, and it has been widely used. Because its modular system is an important concept of data center facility design, it brings us the possibility to quickly solve the problem. Therefore, it has gained quite favorable reputation in terms of use. Compared with normal ups, its use is more valuable as the significant external equipment that provides us with continuous and stable uninterruptible power supply. Now, its use in special environment is more and more extensive.

We can understand by the fact that some hospitals ct rooms use it. Because computer equipment needs enhanced fixed demand to function properly, in order to avoid machine interruption caused by power failure or poor power supply, we may use Huawei modular UPS to provide us with the reliability of power supply. During use, we can understand that its use is very effective. For example, it can reduce energy consumption, and its maintenance is so simple and it’s more manageable.

What are application advantages of Huawei modular UPS?

In life, have you ever heard of Huawei modular UPS? Maybe a few people know it. Then we introduce to everyone that some quite practical solutions like this can provide us with quite all-around power supply platform. During use, for it can provide us with reliability of power supply and lower energy consumption, it has become a quire practical solution. Especially for its simple maintenance and easy management, it’s praised by users.

Through use of Huawei modular UPS, we provide steady uninterruptible power supply. It is also very important external equipment, in particular, it can guarantee that the equipment in some large-scale equipment rooms will not shut down because of power failure. This is because it provides uninterrupted AC power, and this becomes quite important effect during use. It’s a brand-new technology and now is widely used. Its use can help us solve work breakdown problems caused by the power failure.

In fact, for us, it’s the information age now. Due to the extensive use of electronic products, the current era is about the first chance. Moreover, in our life, the large hospital ct rooms use Huawei modular UPS, which can fully reflect its importance. Because its modular system is the main idea of the data center facility design, it can help us quickly settle problems during use for which the normal ups can’t be compared to.




Power Module Capacity

25 kVA/kW and 40 kVA/kW

Rack Capacity

  • 25 kVA module: 125 kVA rack 
  • 40 kVA module: 120 kVA/200 kVA/320 kVA/480 kVA/600 kVA/800 kVA rack 
  • 50 kVA module: 200 kVA/300 kVA/400 kVA/500 kVA/600 kVA/800 kVA rack

Hot-swap Modules

Power module, bypass module, energy control module, and communication cards

Input and Output Systems

Three-phase input, three-phase output

Rated Voltage

380V/400V/415V AC

Battery Voltage

360V to 480V DC

Output Power Factor



125 kVA: 95.5%; others: 96%


25kVA / kW、40kVA / kW
25 kVAモジュール:125 kVAラック
40 kVAモジュール:120 kVA / 200 kVA / 320 kVA / 480 kVA / 600 kVA / 800 kVAラック
50 kVAモジュール:200 kVA / 300 kVA / 400 kVA / 500 kVA / 600 kVA / 800 kVAラック
380V / 400V / 415V AC
360V〜480V DC

What’s the advantage of using Huawei modular UPS?

Now we can see that most families use computers, especially in some special occasions, the use of computer equipment can help us provide very efficient data and accurate analysis. Then, to us, with the popularity of computer applications, this role is also irreplaceable. Because the quality of the domestic power grid is not high, Huawei modular UPS becomes a necessary and important factor in avoiding catastrophic consequences caused by power supply problems. Many people can know this during its use.

In fact, the benefit of Huawei modular UPS is to help us solve the problem that the repair time is long and repair is difficult after failure. After the failure of the ordinary ups, the repair time is long and repair is difficult, therefore, technicians that have had professional trainning are required for maintenance. Their inspection and analysis require quite a long time. Compared with the normal ups, it is more advanced, very professional and can be highly efficient.

In fact, we have to talk about that items like Huawei modular UPS, its benefit is that it can provide a safe uninterruptible power supply environment, to ensure that our work process will not have any failure. For its using temperature difference is between zero and forty degrees, the installation environment is very special. It must be ventilated, away from water, combustible gas and corrosive. During use, normal maintenance is required. With the power supply solutions provided by Huawei, we can easily deal with the various problems of the grid.


実際には、HuaweiモジュラーUPSのような項目について話をしなければならないが、その利点は、安全な無停電電源環境を提供できることであり、我々の作業プロセスが何の失敗も起こさないことを保証することである。使用温度差が0°〜40°のため、設置環境は非常に特殊です。水、可燃性ガス、腐食性ガスから遠ざけて換気する必要があります。使用中は、通常のメンテナンスが必要です。 Huaweiが提供する電源ソリューションにより、グリッドのさまざまな問題に簡単に対処できます。

What are the benefits of Huawei ups?

In life, maybe we have experienced such problems, for example, in some work, due to geopolitical instability and fracture, our work may suffer from great losses, and data loss becomes a headache. So, facing such problems, Huawei has launched Huawei ups. It is precisely because it can solve this problem for us that it has been used in all walks of life and a variety of environments. I believe it will have wider application in the future.

Some people may hear Huawei uninteruptible power supply the first time and become quite curious, and do not know what it is for. In fact, it is a tailor-made, safe and stable, and efficient power supply platform for customers. Especially in some special occasions, it can also play a vital role. For example, it provides us with secure and uninterruptible power supply effect, and ensures that our work does not have any fault. Meanwhile, it provides us with safe, reliable and practical power supply, reduces energy consumption and offer simple maintenance and easy management, which are its advantages.

In use, Huawei ups power can provide customers with the all-around power supply solutions. Therefore, regardless of the special environments, it can help us cope with grid problems easily. Besides, it has a very a full range of ups products, which can meet using requirements of different sizes of environment. Especially its power supply reliability can help us solve the problem of low power efficiency. Then in work, customers can use it conveniently and make work easy without any possibility of problems.


Huawei upsのメリットは何ですか?
人生では、地政学的不安定性や骨折などにより、一部の仕事でこのような問題が発生した可能性があります。私たちの仕事は大きな損失を被る可能性があり、データの消失は頭痛になります。そう、そのような問題に直面して、HuaweiはHuawei upsを開始しました。それは、私たちのためにこの問題を解決することができるからです。これは、すべての人生と様々な環境で使用されてきました。私はそれが将来的により広い適用を有すると信じています。
一部の人々は、最初にHuawei uninteruptible電源を聞いて、非常に興味があり、それが何であるか分からないことがあります。実際には、お客様のニーズに合わせた、安全で安定した、効率的な電源プラットフォームです。特にいくつかの特別な機会において、それは重要な役割を果たすこともできます。たとえば、安全で無停電電源の効果を提供し、私たちの仕事にいかなる欠陥もないことを保証します。一方で、安全で信頼性の高い実用的な電源を提供し、エネルギー消費を削減し、メンテナンスが簡単で管理が簡単で、利点があります。
使用中、Huawei upsパワーは、オールラウンド電源ソリューションを顧客に提供することができます。したがって、特殊な環境に関係なく、グリッドの問題に簡単に対処できます。それに加えて、それは環境の異なるサイズの要件を使用して満たすことができるアップ製品の非常にフルレンジを持っています。特に、電源の信頼性は、低電力効率の問題を解決するのに役立ちます。それで仕事では、顧客はそれを便利に使用して、問題の可能性なしに作業を容易にすることができます。

What is Huawei ups?


In recent years, with the rapid development of IT industry, many people have heard of Huawei ups, because it is a safe, stable and efficient power supply platform, so it is also a very practical item. Its power supply reliability not only reduces energy consumption, helps us to save power usage, but also makes a great impact on maintenance and management during use. In addition, its use greatly improves power supply needs of computer equipment, and people who have used it probably know. 

Especially in recent years, because Huawei UPS is a kind of uninterrupted power supply, so its installation environment also has a very important role. For example, its area must be ventilated, and need to stay away from water, and combustible gas. Usually in the process of care, it can not contact with preservatives, so people must pay attention during cleaning. The temperature of the installation environment must be between zero and forty degrees for it to function properly. Because it can provide customers with the best power supply solutions, regardless of various occasions and the environment, Huawei can launch a full range of ups products for everyone to meet requirements of a variety of environments.

Especially in some important occasions, the use of Huawei ups can provide us with uninterrupted and safe power supply, and ensure that our work does not have any failure, which is a major feature of its use. but also its use of a vital feature. We probably have had problems in normal life: due to current instability and power outages, we lose data of some work. To settle such problems, Huawei USB can make a huge difference and help us settle all kinds of grid problems easily.



特に近年、Huawei UPSは無停電電源装置なので、その設置環境も非常に重要な役割を担っています。例えば、その区域は換気されなければならず、水および可燃性ガスから離しておく必要があります。通常、ケアの過程で、それは防腐剤と接触することができないので、人々は清掃の間に注意を払う必要があります。設置環境の温度は、それが正しく機能するためには0度から40度の間でなければなりません。 Huaweiは、さまざまな機会や環境にかかわらず、最高の電源ソリューションを顧客に提供することができるため、様々な環境の要件をすべての人が満たすことができる、あらゆる種類の製品を立ち上げることができます。

特にいくつかの重要な機会において、Huawei upsの使用は、中断されない安全な電力供給を私たちに提供し、私たちの仕事がその使用の大きな特徴であるいかなる失敗も起こさないようにします。重要な機能を使用することもできます。私たちはおそらく正常な生活の中で問題を抱えていたでしょう:現在の不安定さと停電のために、我々はある仕事のデータを失います。このような問題を解決するために、Huawei USBは大きな違いを作り、あらゆる種類のグリッド問題を簡単に解決するのに役立ちます。




What is uninterruptible power supply for?

Today, as we use computers more and more, and the use of computer equipment plays a very important role in some specific situations, including some IT and CT room server, some work units, banks or hospitals. Equipment power supply reliability is vital to the normal operation of the work. With the rapid development of IT industry, IT and CT room server, computer equipment, power supply demand continues to increase, power supply reliability becomes more and more important. Huawei solutions focus on reliable, efficient, easy to use, intelligent design concepts. Under the premise of ensuring reliable power supply, help customers solve the traditional UPS system shortcomings such as low power supply efficiency, difficulty in expansion, poor usability, difficulty in monitoring, provide customers with the best power supply solutions and cope with grid problems easily. 

Many people have not heard of Huawei uninterruptible power supply ,so do not know what it is used for. Here is the introduction. It’s a customized, safe, stable and high-efficiency power supply platform for many customers. During use, it can ensure and provide safe and uninterruptible power supply to us especially in some important occasions such as hospital ct rooms. It can not only improve the reliability of power supply but reduce energy consumption as well.

This is because of very powerful advantages of Huawei uninterruptible power supply, such as simple maintenance, easy management, which is the importance of computer equipment power supply needs. With its application, we can be provided with the safe using environment of uninterruptible power supply. However, we should also note that the installation area must be ventilated during installation. Besides, ensure that the equipment is away from water and combustible gases and corrosive, so as to ensure normal use.


今日、私たちはコンピュータをますます使用しており、コンピュータ機器の使用は、ITやCTルームサーバー、作業ユニット、銀行、病院など、特定の状況で非常に重要な役割を果たしています。機器の電源の信頼性は、通常の作業に不可欠です。 IT産業の急速な発展に伴い、ITおよびCTルームサーバ、コンピュータ機器、電源需要が増加し続けており、電源の信頼性はますます重要になっています。 Huaweiのソリューションは、信頼性が高く、効率的で、使いやすく、インテリジェントな設計コンセプトに重点を置いています。信頼性の高い電源供給を前提に、従来のUPSシステムの欠点を解決し、電力供給の効率低下、拡張の難しさ、使い勝手の悪さ、監視の難しさ、顧客に最高の電源ソリューションを提供し、グリッドの問題に容易に対処します。