What is uninterruptible power supply for?

Today, as we use computers more and more, and the use of computer equipment plays a very important role in some specific situations, including some IT and CT room server, some work units, banks or hospitals. Equipment power supply reliability is vital to the normal operation of the work. With the rapid development of IT industry, IT and CT room server, computer equipment, power supply demand continues to increase, power supply reliability becomes more and more important. Huawei solutions focus on reliable, efficient, easy to use, intelligent design concepts. Under the premise of ensuring reliable power supply, help customers solve the traditional UPS system shortcomings such as low power supply efficiency, difficulty in expansion, poor usability, difficulty in monitoring, provide customers with the best power supply solutions and cope with grid problems easily. 

Many people have not heard of Huawei uninterruptible power supply ,so do not know what it is used for. Here is the introduction. It’s a customized, safe, stable and high-efficiency power supply platform for many customers. During use, it can ensure and provide safe and uninterruptible power supply to us especially in some important occasions such as hospital ct rooms. It can not only improve the reliability of power supply but reduce energy consumption as well.

This is because of very powerful advantages of Huawei uninterruptible power supply, such as simple maintenance, easy management, which is the importance of computer equipment power supply needs. With its application, we can be provided with the safe using environment of uninterruptible power supply. However, we should also note that the installation area must be ventilated during installation. Besides, ensure that the equipment is away from water and combustible gases and corrosive, so as to ensure normal use.


今日、私たちはコンピュータをますます使用しており、コンピュータ機器の使用は、ITやCTルームサーバー、作業ユニット、銀行、病院など、特定の状況で非常に重要な役割を果たしています。機器の電源の信頼性は、通常の作業に不可欠です。 IT産業の急速な発展に伴い、ITおよびCTルームサーバ、コンピュータ機器、電源需要が増加し続けており、電源の信頼性はますます重要になっています。 Huaweiのソリューションは、信頼性が高く、効率的で、使いやすく、インテリジェントな設計コンセプトに重点を置いています。信頼性の高い電源供給を前提に、従来のUPSシステムの欠点を解決し、電力供給の効率低下、拡張の難しさ、使い勝手の悪さ、監視の難しさ、顧客に最高の電源ソリューションを提供し、グリッドの問題に容易に対処します。