Precautions of using Huawei indoor DC power


We all know that Huawei sells cell phones, and Huawei's mobile phones really receive a lot of praise, but we need to know that Huawei is not just a mobile phone brand, and Huawei also has a lot of other electronic products worthy of our choice. For example. Huawei indoor DC power supply has received much attention, and many customers are satisfied with it during use. Then for such a nice product, what are the precautions in use?


  1. All of Huawei's power products need to be away from water, because electronic products adopt power and the power converter, and both of the two need to be away from the water. And the product will have a short circuit once it contacts with water. Therefore, it should be away from water to ensure its service life.
  2. The environment where the product is used needs to avoid moisture, because the weather in the south is often humid. Then we need to prepare a desiccant or use cloth to clean the water next to the electronic products so as to completely protect our products and guarantee the service life.
  3. Stop using Huawei outdoorDC poweronce there is any problem for continued use under such a condition damages the product, and can’t guarantee the user’s safety. We need to pay special attention to the point that if there is damage, checks are necessary so that the product is safe and effective in future use.